. L'Ultimo Pastore - Un film di Marco Bonfanti

The European Film Festival is organized by European Union every year. This year the festival will take place at Khartoum in Sudan, from November 19 till Dicember 2. All the movies selected by a committee from all the European Embassies and endorsed by the Sudanese Ministry of Culture.. Every year will be selected the best movies than call for the tolerance and and respect to civilizations through the window of cinema. To represent Italy this year were selected 2 titles: "Life is beautiful" directed by Roberto Benigni and "The Last Shepherd" by Marco Bonfanti. We are really proud to be part of that!
"The Last Shepherd" has been screened at London, in Bloomsbury Curzon Cinemas.
With a new invitation at "Ulju International Film Festival" in Korea, "The Last Shepherd" achieves the incredible number of 100 festivals all over the world!
"The Last Shepherd" has been invited at "Slow Filme Festival Internacional de Cinema", in Brasil.
The Last Shepherd" has been invited at "14th Rai International Festival of Ethnographic Film" in Bristol (Great Britain).
The Last Shepherd" for "EXPO 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". What a great news! The movie will be screening in March 19 at 8 pm on the Expo Gate. Special guest for the screening event the director Marco Bonfanti.
After weeks of programming in Honolulu's cinema (Hawaii, USA) and after the special invitation at "Sudan Independent Film Festival" in Sudan, "The Last Shepherd" has been invited at "Dutch International Film Festival" in Netherlands.
With milions of viewers all over the world; selling, just in Italy,more than 11.000 DVDs in one year and invited in more than hundred internationals top festivals, The Last Sheperd by Marco Bonfanti Is one of the great success of the Italian cinema in recent years. The movie will be broadcast, for the second time, on Italian television. A not-to-be-missed appointment for Christmas: Rai 5, Dicember 26 at 10.00; and dicember 28, 29 e 30. Enjoy the movie with us and Merry Christmas!
The Movie was chosen by the "Fondi Film Festival", in Italy.
On October in Canada, "The Last Shepherd" will be presented at "Decostructing Film Fest". The words of the festival programmer: "Funny, touching, and ultimately thought-provoking, The Last Shepherd is a warmly endearing portrait of a man who conquers a city with nothing more than the power of imagination."
"The Last Shepherd" has been selected at "Food Focus Film Festival" in Genève (Switzerland).
This summer, a lot more festivals will be showing the movie: "Lake Film Festival" and "Festival Terra!" (Earth Film Festival). No holidays for Renato Zucchelli and his magic world!
"The Last Shepherd" has been selected at "Tumbleweeds Film Festival" in Utah (U.S.A.), at "Festival International du Film Caméras des Champs" in Lorraine (France) and at "Mountain Film Festival" in Cuneo (Italy).
Yet another selection "made in U.S." for the movie, going on on its trip. This time, heading for Washington D.C. Founded in 1993, "Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital" has become one of the world's largest and most influential showcases of environmental film and major collaborative cultural event in U.S.A.
"The Last Shepherd" has been nominated for Best Documentary Of The Year at "Dvd & Blu-Ray Awards", one of the most important prize in Italy.
"The Last Shepherd" wins a "Special Mention" in Festival del Cinema di Spello.
A great accomplishment for the movie! "The Last Shepherd" has been selected at Festival Univerciné Nantes (France) and at Festival del Cinema di Spello (Italy): 75 international film festivals.
A great success for Marco Bonfanti's "The Last Shepherd" on Italian TV channel Rai Uno. The movie's audience share registered is 10%: 1 million and 618.000 viewers!
The Movie was chosen by the Festival del Cinema della Ciociaria Nino Manfredi and by Ortigia Film Festival.
Bruno Bozzetto's "The Last Shepherd": see it.
"The Last Shepherd" wins another "audience award" in Gorgonzola (Mi), for "best movie of the year". W Renato!
In Canada, Devour Film Festival said: <<The Golden Tine for Best Feature Documentary went to Marco Bonfanti's The Last Shepherd>> Amazing!
This November, a lot more festivals will be showing "The Last Shepherd": World Film Festival of Bangkok (Thailand); Festival de Villerupt (France); Devour Film Festival (Canada); Cine-World Film Festival (Sarasota, U.S.A.); Film & Cook Festival (Madrid and Barcelona, Spain). Five more festivals for this year's most incredible italian movie.
Most popular picture of the movie: see it
"The Last Shepherd" wins the "audience award" in Concorezzo, for "best movie of the year".
One more festival for this year's most surprising movie. The 26th of september at the "Kaliningrad Cinema Event", in Kaliningrad, Russia.
"The Last Shepherd" wins two of Lessinia Film Festival prizes: "Jury Prize" and "Audience Award". Masterpiece!
"The Last Shepherd" is awarded "Blankina" prize by Mostra Internazionale del Cinema Indipendente and wins the second prize at Mantova Film Fest!
Five more festivals going to "The last shepherd"'s list. "Green Movie Film Fest" in Rome, "Lessinia Film Festival" in Verona, "Labour Film Festival" in Sesto San Giovanni, "Mantova Film Fest" in Mantova and Mostra del Cinema Indipendente in Liguria. Nobody can stop Renato and his sheep.
"The Last Shepherd" wins one of Nanni Moretti's prizes. Marco Bonfanti shines as Best Director in the "Bimbi Belli" festival. (In the picture are Nanni Moretti and Marco Bonfanti side to side, along with the prize).
In the included booklet you will find, among the other things, Slow Food's CEO Carlo Petrini's thoughts about the movie. Here is a sample: "Nothing could manage to bring the city so close to the country as this movie, in which dreams come to life, could".
With English subtitles, full of extras, and a free CD including Danilo Caposeno's gorgeous soundtrack and the only recording in history of the "Gaì" language. You may find it in stores and on the Internet.
"The Last Shepherd" is awarded the "Luci sul Lavoro" (literally, "lights on labour") prize by the Italian Ministry of Labour, which said "Even in this difficult time we live in, there is need for dreams. Renato Zucchelli's emotional but geniune story gives the new generation a great example of sticking with one's hopes and ambitions to the end, regardless of how hard it may be. Director Marco Bonfanti turned this story into a work of art that can heal our minds as we live through such a difficult, dark age"
Leaving Minneapolis to go back to Minnesota. Off to Wrenshall's "Free Range Film Festival", the only film festival in which the movies are shown inside a barn! For the Festival head, and everywhere in the world, "we are all big Renato fans!"
Two more festivals for this year's most surprising movie. The 12th of July at the "Film Festival del Garda", in San Felice di Benaco (Bs), and the 6th of July at the "Festival Luci sul Lavoro" in Montepulciano (Si).
Nanni Moretti himself chose "The Last Shepherd" to take part in his film festival, as one of the best movies this year in Italy. The screening will be on the 23rd of July at the Arena Nuovo Sacher in Rome for "Bimbi Belli". After Ermanno Olmi finding the movie "unforgettably beautiful", yet another great director gives us a great honor.
No summer holidays for Renato. "The Last Shepherd" will be screened in Italy and the rest of the world just as usual. Check out the list and the soon to come festivals, including the Gallio Film Festival and the Visionario D'Estate.
For the first and the last time, Renato Zucchelli himself attended the movie screening in Ardesio, where the first scenes of the movie are set. Here are some pictures of this unbelievable happening.
"The Last Shepherd" has reached almost all of the continents! This June, a lot more festivals will be showing the movie: Transylvania International Film Festival, Romania's main film festival; International Documentary Film Festival of Keraia in India; and the Salerno Doc Festival in Italy. Renato's sheep keep on moving!
For all of June, online screening-streaming of "The Last Shepherd" with italian subtitles on www.mymovies.it. Enjoy!
"The Last Shepherd" has been selected at SouthSide Film Festival in Pennsylvania (U.S.A.) and at Cinemambiente 16th Environmental Film Festival in Turin (Italy). C'mon!
Yet another trip around the world for "The Last Shepherd". This time it's in Novosibirsk, Siberia, where a screening and press conference will be held with the director and producer Anna Godano.
The Movie was chosen by the Bellaria Film Festival, Italy's most important showcase for new forms of documentary.
The movie has been selected at Seattle International Film Festival, the largest, most highly attended film festival in the United States reaching more than 150,000 annually. Another great news!
"The Last Shepherd" has been nominated for two Gold Ciak Prizes: Best Debut Movie and "Bello & Invisibile" (Beautiful & Invisible). An important appreciation for the movie!
Great success in Russia! Moscow's and Saint Petersburg's audience warmly welcomed the movie. Naum Klejman, in charge of Moscow's Cinema Museum, one of the most important institutions in the movie industry, described The Last Shepherd as "the metaphor of the human being, the archetype of what we are, the childhood that lives on inside us. All of this told through a vision as deep as it is simple. Wonderful."
"The last shepherd" will be in the city of Taranto (Italy) on May 2nd for the Festival Premio Marcellino De Baggis. Once more, back to Apulia!
Renato Zucchelli is on his way to Russia! "The Last Sheperd" will be there this April. One screening will be on Moscow on the 13rd, and yet another on the 16th, in Saint Petersburg. An heartwarming tour that is not afraid of cold temperatures!
The movie has been selected at Victoria TX Independent Film Festival in Texas; and Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival in Minnesota. "The Last Shepherd" loves U.S.A.!
Because of the long queues and the sold out that "The Last Shepherd" achieved thanks to the viewer's word of mouth, Milan's Cinema Mexico has decided to feature it regularly. Every day at 15.40. Don't miss it!
Incredible success this monday for "The Last Shepherd"'s screening. There will be another screening next Monday, on March the 18th, at 9.30 pm at Cinema Mexico in Milan! We look forward to welcoming you to our movie, whether or not it's the first time you come!
"The Last Shepherd" has been selected at 16th Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, in North Carolina, one of the most important festival in USA.
"It as a love letter about a way of life that is disappearing". The words of the program director of Chatham Farm Festival. On March 17th at Crandell Theatre of Chatham, in New York, the screening of "The Last Shepherd".
March the 11th at 9.30 pm at Cinema Mexico in Milan the premieres of "The Last Shepherd"!
The Last Shepherd has been selected at the Bari International Film Festival. The screening of the movie will be held on March the 20th at 9.00 pm in the Multisala Galleria 4. Renato Zucchelli reaches out to the South of Italy!
On May 7th, "The last Shepherd" will be shown simultaneously in 17 movie theaters across Lazio (Italy)! Coming soon the list of the theaters.
On the 28th of February, Thursday, at 11.30 at the Cinema Adriano, a press conference will be held presenting "L'Italia si racconta" and the new agreement between Luce-Cinecittà and ANEC for spreading and promoting docufilms. "The Last Shepherd" will of course be there.
Yet another selection "made in U.S." for the movie, going on on its trip! This time, heading for Austin, Texas. "RxSM is a festival founded, organized, and programmed by filmmakers who fight to give independent makers a voice." And we are exited to make our voice heard!
BIG NEWS. Istituto Cinecittà Luce is officially confirmed as "The Last Shepherd"'s distributor for Italy. Coming soon in theaters!
On March the 31st in the famous Roxie Theater in San Francisco, "The Last Shepherd" will be the closing night feature for the Food & Farm Film Fest! The words of the festival programmer: "This beautiful documentary gives us a glimpse of daily life for Renato Zucchelli, the “last shepherd” of Milan. Renato cares for his flock in the Italian hills, and his family in the busy city. He dreams of bringing his sheep into the city to give children a taste of the countryside. This modern fairy tale explores pastoral fantasies, urban realities, and the incredible dreams of one man resisting the rush of progress. We fell in love with this film, and hope you will, too!"
"The Last Shepherd" has been selected at 36th Portland International Film Festival, one of the most important festival in the United States of America.
New York's major distribution company "Visit Films" is going to manage cinema screenings for both the US and the international market.
Inside the Mall, new age Dubai shopping center, yet another success for "The Last Shepherd": praised by both public and critic even in the Arab Emirates!
"The Last Shepherd" by Marco Bonfanti premieres in Milan.
December the 14th at 10 pm at Cinema Apollo (Galleria De Cristoforis 3)
on Le Vie del Cinema!
Amongst more than 5000 movie candidates, "The Last Shepherd" is one of the 22 that were selected for the Slamdance Film Festival!! The Sundance Film Festival's sister festival, known as the "Quinzaine del Sundance", focusing on the year's best movies from all over the world, having introduced to the world, in the past, artists such as Cristopher Nolan, Steven Soderbergh and Larry Clark.
A great success for Marco Bonfanti's interview on Italian TV program "Geo&Geo". The program's share registered a peak during the interview, reaching as much as 10%.
"The Last Shepherd" has been voted best of the Italian movies by the web critic!
This evening at 21.30 free online screening of "The Last Shepherd" on Mymovies.net.Available seats are limited.
"The Last Shepherd" has been selected by worldwide famous Dubai International Film Festival, in the "Cinema of the World" section, which every year gathers the best 25 movies from all over the world (including Haneke, Bertolucci, Audiard...)
Ai WeiWei, chinese artist, speak about "The Last Shepherd" only in Italian.
"The Last Shepherd" at the 30th Torino Film Festival!
Most attended movie in the history of its section in the Tokyo International Film Festival! The Festival's director Yoshi Yatabe, speaks of it as an "anthem to the human race". Meanwhile Eigato, Japanese movie critic bible, reviews it as "one unforgettable diamond even amongst the incredible competition of this year".
The Tom Yoda press release, the Chairman of 25th Tokyo international Film Festival.
“The Last Shepherd” at the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival!
In all Unes and U2 sponsoring the movie, the beautiful "non-fabric fabric" shopping bags coming this spring, inspired by the wonderful images of the sheep coming to Piazza del Duomo in Milan, to anticipate with us the release of the movie!
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Piazza del Duomo in Milan, as you have never seen before! (more on Duomo's Square)

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