. L'Ultimo Pastore - Un film di Marco Bonfanti


A journey through the incredible story of Renato Zucchelli, the last travelling shepherd living in a metropolis, who conquered the city with only his sheep and the power of fantasy.

Renato Zucchelli is the last travelling shepherd left in a metropolis.
And he has a dream: leading his sheep to the inaccessible center of the city to meet the children who have never seen him, showing them that dreams and freedom will always be as long as there is still place to believe in a last shepherd...who conquered back his city together with only his sheep and the power of fantasy.

Renato Zucchelli, last working shepherd left in the industrial, concrete-ridden Milan, has always had my attention with his powerful, fiabesque way of life. When I saw how he still managed to move his flock around through the skyscrapers, the industries, the factories and the houses, it suddenly came to me how I could tell, through him, the story of a world that is going towards its extintion; and that he could become the symbol of the West, and of his unstoppable race towards progress.

Renato has been looking like a fairy-tale orc for who knows how much. He has got sweet eyes, a kind smile: he is a man of a different time, with different feelings.His being so pure, so innocent inspired me as to this bizzarre travel's plot. He turned me back into a child, like he is. And so I wrote a script with quite precise dialogue, trying to reflect upon freedom in our century, creating a character giving all of himself to an unprecedented objective: bringing his own freedom and his own dreams to the new generation.

And thus begins the poetic story of a metropolitan shepherd, which, while walking on the line between documentary and fiction, wanders around buildings, cars, skyscrapers and the misunderstandings of progress like my personal Don Quixote would.
A contemporary fairy-tale, halway between a cartoon and a musical, giving a thought to the bounds imposed on our society, who traded happiness for progress. Because Renato tells us the world can still be better if we believe in dreams, if we believe there really is a last shepherd.

Renato's amusing journey to get his city back tells a story of change.
Through his eyes, pure as those of a child's, we can see what our hunger for progress
and modernization has brought us to.
We can see what we had to give away to gain progress, making the same choice as
the rest of the civilized world: a choice already proven wrong, the only solution 
to which is going back to our roots.
This film brings back an ancient magic, as it succeeds in portraying in a simple,
funny and poetic way the search for the last of places where human beings
are still protagonist. Both poetic and amusing imagery will make anyone who
witnesses it feel part of the metropolitan shepherd's bizarre conquer quest.

A bizarre quest, insane even, even for us; who followed an imaginative and creative
director into this independent project: a final scene with  a thousand sheep on Milan's
least accessible location.
As they did for Renato, reality and fiction mixed with one another creating a unique,
unrepeatable moment, changing forever the eyes of those who witnessed it:
the reporters, the tourists, and the real protagonists, the ecstatic children.
Beneath the city's last tree, facing one of the many, many huge factories devastating
his world, the shepherd takes a rest with his loyal dog and goes back to the one only
place where he can be himself without shame.
As if the dream came true once again.

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